In about 2006, a player called Joann208 joined RuneScape, started off in Tutorial Island. In theory he was a  oldschool player before GE which counts as New Runescape. His favourite skill is Construction, It is a skill  where you can build your own private home, call your friends for a party and decorare yourself fancy. 

User Joann208 is also known as Joann Syvian (Charecter Name)

Joann208 is a giant faggot.



Attack            64                                 Constitution   66                               Mining       53

Strength        68                                 Agility            40                               Smithing    52

Defence        64                                 Herblore         19                               Fishing       63                            

Ranged        46                                 Thieving'         45                               Cooking      65

Prayer          53                                 Crafting            45                               Firemaking  61                              

Magic           56                                 Fletching         36                              Woodcutting 74

Runecrafing   44                               Slayer              26                               Farming       24

Construction   45                               Hunter             29                               Summoning 10

Dungeoneering   40

Last checked 20. April 2013 GMT: +2:00 EST : 11:41 AM

In futureEdit

  • More history and more details about Joann208
  • Update every Friday skills.
  • Characters who we're involved with Joann208

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